Understanding the best Calcium supplement

best-calciumWe all know how important calcium is for the growth and development of healthy bones, nerves, and muscles. Calcium plays an important intercellular role in our bodies. However, how often do we get the best calcium supplement in our daily diet? Vitamins and supplements have some calcium in them but are it enough for the body? The best calcium supplement can be gotten from foods, but we don’t live in a perfect world. Foods like milk, yogurt, cheese and broccoli are great when you want to increase the amount of calcium in your body.

More and more people are not getting enough of the calcium we need every day. Adding the best calcium supplement to your diet is a great way of supplementing the calcium shortages. Many people have realized the several benefits of calcium. They are adding some of the best calcium supplements to their diet by taking more vitamins and supplements. Before you consider the best calcium supplement, you must understand the following:

Benefits of calcium

Calcium helps build strong bones and teeth. The heart, nerves, and muscles also need calcium to function properly. Further studies have shown that calcium alongside vitamin d can help fight some forms of cancer.

Risks of too little calcium

A Little amount of calcium has various risks in adults and young children. Children with little calcium might not reach their adult height. An adult might develop osteoporosis which is low bone masses.

Calcium requirements

The amount of calcium you need depends on with your age and sex. However, an excessive amount of it can also lead to other health problems. 1,000 milligrams of the best calcium supplement is the ideal dosage for adults, but this varies with age. Older people beyond their 50 need more while younger people in their twenties need around 500 milligrams.

Small amounts of the calcium on every meal are recommended to reach the total dosage per day. Taking a whole dosage at once makes it difficult for the body to process it.

Taking your vitamins and supplements at different times of the day will provide you with the best calcium supplement dosage that your body can process.